The once famous Club Nautico restaurant has now reopened after a five year hiatus in a renovated setting of equal elegance and distinction with a haute cuisine menu of the highest quality. beatifully arranged by our chef Julio Heras.

Proud of our environment and our produce.

Our journey starts from any harbour in the north with smell of Cantabrian sea and sounds of Northeast in our sails. The colour of the ropes on the dock and the bustle of seafarers. We have this wonderful setting between sea and mountains that brings a unique nature to the table.

Natural flavours like our wood and fresh like our mountains.

We have selected what best represents our essence to create our menu.

We are good hosts. We enjoy company and stand up for a table talk as a mean to a better world.

We are people of the Sea, we are people of the Mountains, we are people of company and shared values transmitted over a low heat. No fuss, no muss. So are our dishes.

We wish you a tail wind journey and we invite you to get carried away by Cantabrian wind and the flavours and scents of our cuisine.

Welcome aboard